Privacy Policy


The mobile application Launchorb and the website launchorb.com is operated by Launchorb Ltd., a limited liability company incorporated in the United Kingdom. In this agreement launchorb.com and Launchorb Ltd. will be referred to hereafter as “LO”, and you, the user, will be referred to hereafter as “you” or “the user”.

This privacy policy was created by LO to explain how your information is protected, collected and used, which may be updated by LO from time to time. Any major changes will be posted on http://www.launchorb.com. It is the users responsibility to check for updates to this policy by visiting this web address: http://www.launchorb.com/privacy

How your privacy is protected

Your information will not be shared with a third party for commercial purposes unless permission is granted by you the user.

When you embed or 'showcase' media content on our platform your email is not visible to visitors in an effort to reduce spam.

If you elect to allow other users to contact you, contact will be initiated through the mobile application's social media aggregation and real-time messaging area. You can choose not to respond or report insiders who violate the application's terms.

Your account is password protected by the social media platform you chose to log in with.

It is your responsibility to review each embed carefully. If you suspect any malicious activity, please report this to: contact@launchorb.com

During content process, compulsory entry fields are clearly marked to indicate to the user what further verification is required to showcase content on the app. We have taken efforts to ensure that your private information is protected.

Records collected

Your email address collected from the social media platform you registered with may be used for the following: a) sending self-publishing and confirmation emails, b) authenticating user accounts, c) changes made to your embeds d) alerts and notifications

For paid transactions inside our platform (if applicable) we collect contact information, such as name(s), phone/fax number(s), and address for billing purposes.

Credit card transactions are transmitted through PayPal when applicable. We do not store any credit card information on our site or mobile application.

Information you share with us directly through our occasional surveys, email or any form of interaction will be shared among LO company staff internally. Only questions in which the user has granted express permission to share will be shared publicly. 

We use a statistics program to track web activity such as source, page URL, and time-stamp.

Records we keep

All embed links are stored in our database but not the media files themselves since our platform does not have an upload feature.

Profile information, web activity and other records are stored indefinitely.

Search engines

Search engines and other sites that might not be related or affiliated to LO such as: Google.com, Yahoo.com, etc., may make available your posts on their platform.

When LO may share your information

If required by law, LO may disclose information about its users. Otherwise and in good faith, LO may also release such information to assist in any investigations, court orders, or other legal procedure.

If users are in violation of the terms of use, LO may release users’ information to law enforcement officials or court officials to protect LO rights.

Out of country or International users

By using our mobile application and website you agree and understand that your information is transmitted and stored in our database located in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We reserve the right to change the location of our database to any other location as we see fit and for any reason. Your information will be protected under the provisions of this privacy policy.