From humble beginnings to brighter ones.

After over 8 years of dreaming and wishful thinking, we incorporated Launchorb late last year. Nothing ever really prepares you for starting a business, I mean it feels a little mundane and casual when the endeavor is classed as a ‘project’ or hobby, but the moment it holds an official government record, it becomes more than a passion.

There are literally thousands of resources out there from books to videos and blogs about getting a company off the ground and seeing it gain traction but It’ll be nice to see someone finally say ‘okay [insert founder here] this is day one, its scary as hell, but here’s exactly what to do…’ Sometimes the answers are simple, sometimes they are totally confusing especially if you’re doing it all alone.

Our moral of the story is: Get advice when you can, stick to the parts you enjoy and work like crazy to pull off the parts you don’t. If you really love what you’ve started then the hustle is the best part, and with a startup, there’s plenty more where that came from.

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