Building our dream, telling our story

We very much started off as a duo, two friends rambling about ideas working as part-time sales reps in an electronics store while at college. Brainstorming everything from screenplay ideas to video blogging apps (Josh still swears he came up with the concept for Vine before its upsurge and eventual demise). Juggling everything from student loans to an upcoming wedding (Robert was engaged to his future wife Maria at the time), we both saw those spare moments as an escape from the realities of our ever-moving lives.

Admittedly we spent too much time time focusing on more pressing priorities like getting through our final semester and paying off our incredibly inflated student loans, as things started to settle down a lot more in our lives our focus instantly gravitated towards building a company that all but ¬†dominated our brainstorm sessions all those years ago. Launchorb began life solely as an ‘online based studio-lot’ where creatives could come in and share ideas, trade products and maybe collaborate on a project or two.

In exchange our platform would collect a ‘connection fee’ for making the introduction or transaction happen. It was a simpler time and we had very straightforward aspirations, not saying we don’t now, its just that back then the mobile application industry was very much in its infancy. So Launchorb was to be a website and an app was to come afterwards, however as time passed, graduation happened, jobs were offered and lost and offered again, it became clear what our product had to be and how we had to present it to our potential user base.

Now we’re still a pretty small group as it is, but thanks to rapid advances in tech, we actually see that as an advantage. Having a diverse network of people working together on a project remotely across the globe means that now Launchorb is no longer the prevailing topic of a brainstorming session, its a real venture. The six of us officially began building our application towards the end of 2016 and as illuminating as the experience has been we’re very much looking forward to meeting our community with our upcoming beta and getting the feedback we need to create an ecosystem that truly empowers digital content creators and their audience.

The release of our beta hopefully will be a great first step towards putting a real solution out there when it comes to social media content discovery. So watch this space, a lot of really fun and exciting things are on the horizon.

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