About Launchorb

Launchorb’s mission is to create a smarter, more connected social and streaming media content experience, empowering people globally to enjoy more of what they want to watch, read, listen to and view, all in one place. We aim to keep 'simplicity' as our byword as often the best ideas come from the most casual places. 

Why Launchorb?

Apps simply don’t interconnect with each other, and the way we consume and share media content on mobile is encumbered by switching from one app to another or using a browser. The simplest tasks such as navigating from watching a video on a social network to listening to music on a streaming platform takes an endless series of scrolls and taps despite the best efforts of your smartphone operating system. It’s no surprise we spend on average 11 hours a month using social apps and performing searches on our mobile phones.

There are over 50 social networking and media streaming providers available across the major app stores, so choosing the right platform to use, or even knowing that some of them exist, is exhausting. Once you finally register with the ones you prefer the most, collectively communicating and sharing with friends across these networks is difficult and inconvenient because each app is geared towards keeping you in their ecosystem. What’s missing is an embed-powered 'bridge' that collates everything together without you missing out on trending content or the latest updates.

Launchorb is a powerful and universal online media display and sharing platform, where the best content from any provider rises to the top. It is the perfect place to find the most relevant content because its core feature combines dozens of social platforms into one place so users can find their next favorite thing. By allowing the simple embedding of content from various apps into one seamless library Launchorb effectively becomes your social-media content browser. Whether you are looking for inspiration in music, video, photos, or all-round entertainment, Launchorb brings you results you need to have the best experiences, share your preferences with a community, or store your own ideas in a customized library.


The Company

Launchorb was founded in 2016 by Joshua Odigie and Robert Yates. We are based in London and the British East Midlands, we are also supported by renowned entrepreneurs, developers, designers and marketers across the globe.