Orb Life: The Community

We’ve never really made it official because of the utter commotion caused by the lead up to the launch of our app’s beta, but its about time we unveiled the major segment on our blog named ‘Orb Life: Community’. When our platform goes live in a few days to a collection of early adopters, we’ll begin a segment series that profiles at least one content creator every week. Orb Life will be following their creative process, getting more info on what inspires them to do what they do and finding out what projects they are working on at the moment.

This is a segment we’re really excited about because it allows us to get to know members of our community on a personal level and share their stories with our followers. Artists, writers, photographers, filmmakers, designers and many more will be featured and we’ll be sure to catch up with them at the end of the year to see how their content is coming along.

Our team will connect with creators on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat to ensure we capture a cross section of individuals and groups from various regions. If you’d like to feature on an installment of Orb Life, just get in touch with our team via email contact@launchorb.com.